Victoria is doing great! I call her Tori mostly, but her full name is still Victoria and I often refer to her as “the little Queen” 😊

She is doing very well health wise and had her first visit with my vet two weeks ago. She was spayed the week prior and did very well with that as well. Her transition into her new home was a little bumpy in the beginning, but not because of her. Just three days after I brought her home, her brother, Baxter ended up going in to the hospital via an emergency room visit and was hospitalized for over a week. He was diagnosed with IBD and came home with injectable medication and prescription food. All of this meant that their introduction to each other was more than a little delayed. However, once introductions were made they progressed pretty quickly.

She and Baxter love to play and chase each other, and have friendly wrestling matches daily. They also both very much enjoy cuddling with me at night, but they have figured out how to share space on the bed without any issue.

Tori is a very sweet, very smart, sometimes sassy little girl! I lovingly think of her as my very own sour patch kid! Huge thanks to Dori and everyone else for rescuing this sweet baby so that she could become a part of my little family. ❤️