Tessie and Ellie

Tessie and Ellie have adjusted very well to their new home and to their persons. They adopted us, not the other way around. After about 5 minutes of cowering, they took over the house. Their toys are everywhere. All the nice additions to the decor are packed away. The house is kitten proofed to the max. We love it and so do they. 

Tessie and Ellie love to watch our neighborhood deer herd, birdies, and bugs. They spend hours in the glass ceilinged sunroom. They stare out the windows and door watching the world go by. Occasionally, they gang up on the tiniest of ants and spiders that have the nerve to intrude in their fun room. 

We’ve had cats for many years. When our last two passed, we spent a fair amount of time on the search for replacements. We wanted a bonded pair. Well, we were gobsmacked when Tessie and Ellie picked us from the humans in their room. Ellie and Tessie demanded to be picked up and cuddled. They returned our attention and love. They chose us. We agreed and told Michelle that we wanted these two. About three weeks later, after the kittens recovered from medical care, we walked back into the room housing Tessie and Ellie. They greeted us like longtime friends. The rest is history. 

We four are happy to be together. Tessie loves to bat around her toys. She will return to us a toy tossed away from her. Ellie loves her mousies. Elaine nearly fainted one morning when she saw a “dead black mouse” behind a toilet. It had plastic eyes. The kitties and I had quite the laugh over Elaine’s reaction. Both kitties are sweet loves, stubborn, and cute. They insist on sitting on the dining table and in the bathroom sinks. They understand some words but not “no” or “get off the table”.

We love them. They love us. What a blessing for us all.