Taylor and Karma

We changed her name to Taylor. After Taylor Swift because my daughters and I love her so much! 

We changed his name to Karma because of Taylor Swift’s song “Karma” when she sings “Karma is a cat purring in my lap cuz it loves me” because he purrs SO loud!!!!!! You can hear him across the room purring. Even if you just make eye contact with him across the room he gets so excited and starts purring! 

They are adjusting very well. They are very rambunctious and play parkour quite often on the furniture to my dismay. They are love bugs and always want to be around their humans for attention. Anytime we are in the bathroom you can be sure to find paws under the door trying to get you to speed it up to come back out and show them more lovins. Where you find one you find the other close by. They’re always near each other.