Tater is a little love bug. He seems very happy with his new home and his people. He is very playful and sweet, and gets into his fair share of mischief. 

We have two other cats-Cheddar and Mowgli. Tater and Cheddar are attached at the hip. Constantly playing, snuggling, and running around together. Tater and Mowgli haven’t been as easy to get along. Mowgli is a quite large cat (~15-20lbs) and I think came on a little strong with Tater. Tater is still afraid of him. We’ve been trying to cohabitate the two of them and train them that neither is going anywhere, so they better get comfortable. Typically, we keep them separated, having them take turns in my office (approx half the basement, so large in size with a couch, loveseat, ottoman, cat tower, and all of the other things a cat could ever want) and have been doing slow introductions. They’ll get there eventually. 

He has a very healthy appetite and seems to have no health issues. We love Tater and are so happy to have him as a part of our family.