Tate (AKA Tater Tot or Mr Potato Head) is thriving! He’s learned his place in the pack and is picking up on manners and commands. We start formal training this afternoon in fact. He loves snuggling with his people and our other pups and tries so hard to keep up with everyone playing and running around the yard.  

Our other dogs are 3, 6 & 7, so as you’d imagine Tate and Ozzy (3) are thick as thieves. Maisey (another AH alumni, formerly Layla) seems to take on the matronly role and Tate looks to her for cues often.  

Physically he’s doing quite well, typical issues that come with the breed/poor breeding but his renal stones are in remission. We’re sending a repeat urine out to UPenn this week in which our vet seems to think with negative results he can move to transition to a standard diet. We submitted a dna test recently, his stones were likely heavily influenced by the hormones being released as he was intact prior to coming to AH. And thankfully he’s a great drinker.  

Here’s a few pics –  please reach out anytime. We’re so grateful for Animal Haven and all your team does!  And truly appreciate being able to grow our family through your organization