We named him Simba. We think he looks just like a baby lion. It’s definitely taken some time for him to adjust but he has come a long way since we first brought him home. On his first night here, he lodged himself in the inner workings of our couch and it took some time to first find him and then extract him from there. Thankfully that was the one and only time he got in there! Simba and our other cat Ziggy have bonded well. Ziggy isn’t afraid of anyone or anything so I think he has helped Simba become acclimated. They groom and play with each other. Simba seems very comfortable with him. He is less trusting with people. It took weeks before he ventured around the house and felt comfortable. He is still easily startled by noises and will hide. He is very affectionate most of the time and loves pets. He is a very sweet boy.

He has a good appetite! He is such a cutie! I’m so glad he is becoming more and more comfortable with us and has become a part of our family.