She is a doll! We changed her name to Wylie (she was Sidney at The Animal Haven) — it took a while but she is finally adjusted! She was a feral kitten – she spent the first 4 weeks in our bathroom – VERY scared and didn’t leave her bed. I spent many hours on the bathroom floor with her. She slowly started to come out and interact with us. Then slowly started coming out of the bathroom. Then she went into heat. Going into heat was almost a blessing in disguise. While in heat, she came completely out of her shell. She became very friendly and demanded attention, left the bathroom and now walks around the apartment with confidence. We finally were able to have her spayed and she is doing great. She is like a whole new cat! Now has a friendly personality and wants to be on our laps 24/7.

We love her! It took a lot of patience in the beginning but she is worth it. We are very glad to have adopted her.