Pinto, Edamane and Adzuki

We had originally gotten the triplets (named Scout, Clover and Tulo at The Animal Haven) as companions for our female cat (Nubbins), because our older male cat (BoyCat) had been diagnosed with cancer and he didn’t have much time left. 

When we brought them home, Scout became Pinto, Clover became Edamame, and Tulo became Adzuki. Our BoyCat’s nickname was Bean and/or Bean Machine, so we wanted to name them after beans in his honor. 

We took them home on November 20th, and they immediately settled right in. BoyCat, who we thought would be pretty grumpy about their general existence, immediately took to them, and Nubbins (who we got them specifically for) was a bit more standoffish. 

Everyone was well integrated a little after Christmas, but unfortunately, On January 4th, we had to help BoyCat cross the rainbow bridge. The beans really helped us handle our grief. BoyCat was truly my soul cat, so it was rough going there for a little while, but they did make it substantially better. 

That brings us to now- The beans are SO much bigger, and they all LOVE Nubbins, although, she’s still a little weary of them, to be honest. They are used to playing with each other, and are still a little too rough for her taste. 

They know Sit and Wait, and are generally typical teenage boys. I can’t believe that they’ll be a whole year soon! They’re such goobers, and are often the brightest parts of our days.