Scarlett and Simon

When I first laid eyes on Scarlett, I knew she was meant to be a part of my life. Having lost my previous elderly cat in the summer of 2021, I had been longing for another feline companion. Having heard Scarlett’s story and everything she’d been through, I knew she’d do best with a companion, which is how I found Simon. When I went to the shelter for a meet and greet, I saw all the cats that were housed in her room. Simon, the little one-eyed tuxedo was scared and hiding in the back of the room and I knew he was the second one I’d be taking when I saw him. When I went back for my second visit, they both were snuggled up together and immediately ran to greet me when I entered the room. I brought them home on October 8th and they’ve brought an immeasurable amount of happiness into my life since. 

They’re doing well. They are very much so settled and are a joy to come home to every night. Simon avoids my dog completely. Scarlett will hiss at him (and then he barks back), but I’m working with them very slowly and they’ve improved lots.