Everything is going well with Sammy or Mr. Wiggles formerly known as Jack Jack. . . .  He loves high places like a kitchen table, barstools & tree stumps. He’s a great dog. He has responded well to other dogs and has a girlfriend 5 times his size and maybe a year or two younger than him. My vet thinks he’s between 3-5 years old. He gets along with the neighbors but he has his favorites that he likes to cuddle with and lick. He flings himself onto laps without an invite but no one seems to mind. He likes to go for walks, run after balls and absolutely loves car rides. He gets so excited and wiggly that it is hard to get a leash on him. There has been no biting or acts of aggression. Everyone that meets him loves him. There are no other pets in the house and he seems to have no health issues. He has a great appetite. He is much loved. Thanks Animal Haven for taking care of him.