Sammy and Maggie (plus Paws and Bronxy!)

Here are a few pictures of our babies, Paws, Bronxy (the Beagle), Sammy, and Maggie. They have taken over our home and we love them so much! 

We adopted Paws and Layla together back in 2018 and it didn’t take long for us to wonder how we ever would live without them. Sadly Layla was not in great shape  when she was rescued and brought into Animal Haven. She had been overbred and other health issues and passed away in 2020 from kidney disease leaving us heartbroken.

Shortly after Layla left us Bronxy was dropped off at the shelter and he looked so lost and confused. He was 5 yrs old and had been with his previous owner his entire life. We decided to foster and adopted him in 2020. 

Last summer we decided to add a cat to our family and Michelle sent us some pictures of Little Bit along with his story. He was a bottle feed that Michelle became very attached to as I know she does with all the animals but Little Bit had a special place in her heart. She also had Maggie McFly who was found wounded and in bad shape but was nursed back to health as Michelle and the Animal Haven staff does so well and with so much love. Both cats came to us last summer and within a couple of weeks time started to get quite comfortable. Maggie took a little longer being a shy girl but now has become very well adjusted. 

They all get along so well and have the run of the house. They are happy and spoiled each and every day and we wouldn’t have it any other way.