Ren is doing awesome here 🙂 We decided to keep his name Ren, we love it. The first week home he was a bit shy but he has quickly come out of his shell.  We have another male cat who is about exactly one year older than Ren named Shaddo. They are the best of friends and LOVE to cuddle and wrestle! Shaddo loves hugging Ren and grooming him just like Chipmunk would do to Ren at the Animal Haven. Shaddo is happier than ever too. They are adorable together, we have taken so many pictures and videos I will attach a bunch lol. We also have a small Yorkie, Tasha, and she plays with the cats too. It’s a fun time!  Ren is super sweet with everyone, even my 3 month old baby. So happy we adopted him. Thank you so much for all you guys do!!!