Remi has adjusted great! She is a nervous little thing so sometimes is very vocally reactive to people or other animals. However we are working with a trainer and she has made tremendous progress. She has met lots of doggie cousins and friends and LOVES playing with them. 

Remi has no current health issues or problems with eating. Just had a wellness check up at the vet and everything looked great! 

A little about me for Remi: She lives with me and my significant other. She can always hear his truck down the street when he is coming home from work and she runs to the door and sits and patiently waits for him to come in. She absolutely loves the snow and hiking. My father lives on many of acres of land. She gets to run free and makes all kinda of paths throughout the snow in the woods. Remi loves fetch, bully sticks, Himalayan yak chews, lick mats, pumpkin, salmon treats, chicken, and any fruits/vegetables including carrots and peppers. You name it and she will eat it (only the dog safe ones of course). We have never seen a dog enjoy so many vegetables, lol! Remi also loves boat rides but is not quite sure how she feels about swimming just yet.

We actually sent in a DNA test for her just to confirm what kinds of breeds she is mixed with and it will tell us any relatives she might have. (Beyond her parents and siblings that were also at the rescue.) There are future plans to meet one of her brothers that was also adopted at animal haven. We are absolutely in love with this crazy little girl and are so lucky to have been connected by Animal Haven.