Annie Bonny Bjarnason

We changed her name from redwood to Annie Bonny Bjarnason, for the pirate (family joke.) 

She is a riot! She is interested in every single thing. She makes up different games and we have no choice but to play. One of her favorite games is to fleece slide. She loves the fuzzy worm toys and will request that we drop one onto, or preferably under, a fleece blanket on the hardwood floor. She then runs FULL speed and jumps on the fleece which slides across the floor.  

At night, we had a routine with our first cat, that we would sort of hide kibble around for her to find for a bit of enrichment.  Annie has changed that game so that the goal is to knock the kibble out of the air so it careens down a long hallway. She usually wins, but occasionally the kibble gets the best of her. She falls dramatically, like FIFA soccer players and then waits for us to comment before flying off in some other direction. 

Our original cat took about three weeks to fully accept Annie and now they often have mutual chase games that include multiple rooms. Occasionally, Annie stirs things up when the other cat isn’t expecting it. 

Annie loves to cuddle and sometimes asks my husband to pick her up. She likes to ride in my lap when I’m in my wheelchair chair and likes to sleep in it when I’m not using it. 

She gets along great with the dog as well and they have figured out a funny game that seems to go that Annie will walk by close and then hide around a corner. Then June will look for her and puppy bow pounce her. Annie runs, but June does not know that she would be allowed to chase, so she waits for Annie to come back and they do the same thing. 

Sometimes she sleeps with us at night, but not every night. 

She eats great, no health problems and she believes with her whole heart that we should give her at least a taste of anything we have. She is wildly confident and secure. She is a joy, and makes us laugh every day.