Razzle and Yvonne

Razzle is doing great. . . . He is adjusting well and loving life here. He is a pickey eater so with the supply chain issue it was hard to find food he likes but we did. He loves table food and when we eat he jumps in the chair next to me and begs for food. We give in so he will continue.  We also adopted Yvonne and changed her name to Marble as her soft silky coat and black and white coloring made us think of carrera marble. . . . She had been feral per Michelle and even has a clipped ear because she was going to be released. She was aloof and skittish at first but is now a big lover and part time lap cat.  They both love my wife and follow her around like puppies most days. Just checked all three were siting on the couch resting. They have some very rowdy play times in the morning and then again around 8pm. Can’t say enough how great Michelle was and your organization