Raymond J. Bourque (Ray Ray)

Ray Ray is doing very well!

I put him in my bedroom as his safe room when he first came home. He would run under the bed every time we came in the room and was terrified of my husband. He only let me pet him while he was on his window perch which was the same height as the one at the shelter where I used to pet him. We couldn’t go hear him while standing up. 

Around week 3 or 4 he decided he wanted to explore the house, and is now out and about all the time, but still skittish when he hears certain noises. He even comes out when we have guests. He loves to be pet, and will hurl his body to the ground and roll around for pets. He purrs loudly as soon as you pet him, and walks around and beeps at everything. He loves my husband now and only listens when he calls. Ray started sleeping next to me at night and eating in the kitchen for his meals. He has a healthy appetite!

Very surprisingly, he and my very cranky girl cat co-exist rather peacefully. I think she actually may like him a little, but doesn’t want to admit it. 

I always believe that cats in the shelter may not show their real personalities, so Ray being so great in our home didn’t really surprise me. My husband thought he would be a love when he chose him out of the bunch, and he was right!