Princess Strudel

 So I’ll go through the story of our dearest Princess.  We knew she was a difficult one and older but we were determined to help and my god we are in love and so so happy, this has been an amazing experience.  We did not change her name, we added to it! LOL! She is aptly known as “Princess Strudel”. No idea why but she is our strudel and a fine princess at that lol.  She is growing with us daily. Honestly it was dicey petting her when we got her home, she now sleeps in the bed with us and learns to trust us more and more daily. She is really a ham and makes the dangest cutest noises.  The one thing that made this all work was that she got along with our other pup and I had a cat at home. She gets along just fine with them both.  She may not like the cat all that much but she got a few 3 pieces from the kitty and she knows better now lol all in jest but quite funny indeed.