Pixel, Twisty, and Phoenix

After a rough couple of weeks when the girls forgot they knew — and liked — Twisty, everyone is getting along well and snuggling on any and every soft surface in the house. They are the only three animals in the house (besides my husband) and they have the run of it, with 4 cats trees, 3 poufs to sleep in and countless toys that I find everywhere, even in my bed as that is now Twisty’s new hiding place. He is a big fan of hiding toys in our bed and playing in the sheets.

Twisty and Phoenix have kept their names, though we usually call Phoenix, phe phe. Ravenclaw is now known as Pixel, but being the runt we normally refer to her as the littles or the baby. There is not a food or treat they won’t eat and think any time someone is in the kitchen it means they get another snack as well. Unfortunately for them this is not true. But those bellies are getting big! All three love their bellies and chins scratched and their new favorite thing is watching the neighbors and birds from the windows. Everything we own is covered in cat hair and we had to learn that the irreplaceable Pier 1 dining room chairs and table are not a scratching post or jungle gym. But even that is worth the kitty kisses and snuggles.