We love Pippin (aka Pip) very much and we’re pretty sure he loves us too! He has a very good appetite and lots of energy. He loves playing with toys and exploring the house. Him and Emily, our other rescue cat, play and chase each other every evening after dinner. Emily is about 1 year older then Pip. It took her a little bit to adjust to him but he kept inching his way into her life and now they snuggle, eat, and play together. Sometimes Pip will ask Emily to clean him by going up to her and sticking his head in her face, she always happy to do so and enjoys the company. Pip also likes to climb and sit on my sons back which is always a good laugh. When Pip wants to rest he gets on my lap curls up and goes to sleep. He seems happy, we wish we were rich so we could take in more kitties, but for now Emily and Pip are enjoying their life together.