We love Piper soooooooo much. She is as sweet as could be and we are practically inseparable. . . . Piper has loved her new home from the start. She purred the whole car ride home, which is almost unbelievable. She snuggled right up and slept on my chest from the get-go, and now, loves to sleep in between our legs, under the covers, and on the radiator cover when the heat is turned on. She spends most of her days snoozing, chasing toys around, climbing as high as she can, and getting truly endless attention from myself and Luke.  . . . I think the best story is about how happy Piper was from the start: When we first met Piper at the shelter, Luke sat on the floor. We know that shelter pets, or any pet, can be wary of newcomers and didn’t want to overwhelm her. But, amongst all of the other cats in the room, Piper climbed out of her bed, into Luke’s lap, and stared right up at him. We knew she was the one for us! When we went back to pick her up, I was worried about her being stressed leaving the shelter and braving the car ride home, but her comfort continued. While it sounds unbelievable, I swear that even while in her carrying crate, she purred and kneaded her paws the whole car ride home and the entire first night while sleeping on my chest. In fact, I couldn’t get her off of me, even if I wanted! Since then, she’s stolen our hearts, makes up most of our photo albums, and even has Luke saying, “we should buy a house [for her], she needs a bigger runway.” 

-Allie and Luke