Pierre and Hummus

They were very shy initially. Our son came home from college Monday and we are calling him the cat whisperer. He was petting and playing with them after a few hours of being home. Last night and this morning they spent the whole time playing with us.  Pierre more so than Hummus who is a little shy, but we can give her pets.  I think Pierre gets jealous when we pay attention to Hummus because he wants the pets.  Pierre wants to play with Hummus who lets Pierre know to back off.  Pierre is just too excited. . . . Pierre likes to have his picture taken, but Hummus not so much.  I set up a camera at the food bowl in the beginning to make sure they eat and are still alive, the black and white photos are Hummus.  Hummus is becoming more friendly, she constantly walks around and doesn’t stay put.  I can try to send more photos of Hummus later.  We have come a long way since this past Monday and both cats have fit into our home nicely.