Pickle is just the absolute best! She has warmed up well and is currently sleeping in one of her many cat beds — as the queen she has declared herself!

She was shy at first but she has fully taken over this home and our hearts. Just as her bio on your site suggested, she is extremely¬†cuddly and loves exploring. She’s already growing and getting stronger each day. She now has an older brother, Linus. They became pals almost right away. He’s just happy to have someone to play with and she, being the typical little sister, just always wants to be near him. They had some adjustments around sharing food but we’ve set up some systems so they both get their fair share. Picture of them sharing a bed attached.

A funny story about her and her brother. Soon after she came home with us, we wanted the cats to pick their favorite NFL teams. To do this, we put fabric of various team colors on the ground and whichever they ran to was deemed their favorite team. Pickle chose the 49ers and her brother picked the Chiefs…so they picked the Superbowl!