Pia and Floyd

Pia responds to her name very well and for Floyd, because we believe he is deaf, we are using patting motions on our leg and he comes! 

They made themselves right at home. We have several cat trees, toys, and towers for them to climb in the home (because they both love climbing, especially on our Christmas tree!). They have an older sister, Caroline who is 8 years old. Caroline was super scared at first because she’s been use to just us in the home and our previous cat that passed due to cancer. Floyd has taken quite the liking to her and tries to get her to play with them. Pia is more observant and curious of Caroline, so she keeps her distance the most of the time but will snuggle up on the same bed or couch with her. It was more of an adjustment for Caroline, but she is finally eating, sleeping, and playing with them! 

My boyfriend and I are sure that Floyd is deaf, but he is such a smart boy. He will come right up to our vacuum, the blender, or get surprised when we touch him if he does not see us coming. It is a learning curve to teach him right from wrong (more when he tries to eat my plant!) so I am teaching him basic sign language such as “no” and using lots of facial expressions and he is learning fairly quickly. To get his attention, we make sure we are facing him or patting the ground to hear us coming so he doesn’t get as surprised. 

Both of them are two peas in a pod. They love snuggling together, playing, and getting the zoomies. They have both adjusted so well and I am so so glad they came into our lives. 

Pia is so smart – she typically will play by herself or with Floyd, but when she wants me to play, she will bring her toys to me. If I play with her then stop (because I work from home and try to balance playing and working), she will bring her toy wherever I am. She is following the steps of Floyd and Caroline.

For being deaf, Floyd is super smart too! Yesterday after using the litter box, he got some litter on the table and started trying to dig it! When Pia got spayed a few weeks ago, Floyd just wanted to make her feel better so he was sure to give lots of snuggles.