We changed her name to Phinney, “Phin” for short. She has adjusted very well & feels like she’s been part of the family forever. Took a day to adapt to the crate, now she’s in and out at her leisure & sleeping at night. She was very guarded to visitors, barking & anxious, started working with a trainer right away and that anxiousness has subsided. She’s a quick learner & smart. Training has been a lot of fun. Her favorite things are being with us (lots of snuggles), playing in the yard & walks to explore. She loves playing with other dogs in the yard! And I can’t forget to mention peanut butter! lol 

We also have 2 cats (14 & 10 years old). They have all adjusted well. The 10 year old ignores her, but the 14 yr old likes to hang out. The cats let her know when she’s too much. 

Phinney has no health issues. She loves to eat & now weighs 50lbs. The pic with the other dog is Poppy (2 yrs, our grand pup) on the left & Phin on the right.

Thank you to Animal Haven!!! We are so fortunate & thankful!!!