Pepper also listens to Pepsi, Peps, and Peperino. She took at least 2.5 weeks to be comfortable and come out from under the cabinet in the kitchen. But now she’s doing a lot better. She likes to stay out and get belly scratches which is cool, but I’ve never seen a cat that likes belly scratches haha. She gets all the pets she wants. She has also learned some tricks like a dog would. So, I’ve been teaching her multiple tricks. Also, she’s being leash trained and we’re almost there. I don’t have any other animals in the house yet but we are planning on adding another once I move out and she’s comfortable in the new house. We had a little get together with 6 of my friends and she loved all the attention. She has been eating regularly after a week of very little because of her getting comfortable and she has been active and healthy with playing and moving.