I love Pacino. Life is so much better with him. 

He likes his new home. He sleeps next to me every night. He always stretches a paw out to ensure he can feel your presence. He is the biggest snuggle bug. 

When I get ready in the morning, he snoozes on the bath mat. When I have to do work, he is incredibly distracting until I put a cat bed on a chair and pull it next to my desk. He’s such a funny little guy and just wants to be close.  His favorite toys right now are cardboard boxes, paper bags, and laser pointers but he has some little cat toys that he can chase. 

He loves when my friends and family come to visit. To know him is to love him. He is my only pet but all of my friends want to take him home. He seems to be eating pretty well and likes to graze so we always make sure his bowl has something to nibble on. 

You can follow him on instagram: @teeny.cheeny

I’m grateful Animal Haven kept him safe until I could meet him and take him home. He also was perfectly trained to scratch on scratching accessories only and has had no accidents outside the litter box. Not that it matters, but I was expecting a few while he transitioned. :)