We are completely convinced that we adopted exactly the right dog. He is an abundantly entertaining little furry dynamo…lol. We did not change his name from Oswald, but we did go a bit less formal by shortening it to Ozzie. We routinely refer to him as our little “nugget” as well and he does also respond to that nickname when called. He has adapted quite well to his new home and family, and all of our friends and family think he is just the cutest thing. We have no shortage of offers to dog sit him when and if we go on vacation. There was quite a bit of tension between Oz and Jerry initially and that has gradually improved to the point of mutual acceptance on both their parts. They were both actually lounging together on our bed this morning. I was bit surprised that there were no issues with our other cat Dozer once they checked each other out. We did get Ozzie enrolled with our vet, and he had a clean bill of health after his checkup. He does tend to be a bit of a fusspot sometimes when it comes to eating and will wait an hour or two before devouring his meal. 

He goes for three or four walks daily and loves going to one of our local dog parks several times a week. We are working on a plan to fence off a portion of our yard so that he may be able to go outdoors without a leash and run to his heart’s content. All in all, we could not be happier about our decision to adopt him. Thank you so much for allowing us to do so.