Orion and Alya

Kris Kringle is now known as Orion and Uma is now known as Alya. We first went to meet another cat we were interested in, we decided we were not the best fit for each other. Michelle showed us Uma, the sweetest little girl who wanted nothing but warm arms to make her feel secure. As we were leaving after agreeing to come back the next week to pick Uma up, Michelle asked if we were interested in bringing home two. Rob and I looked at each other, laughed and said no. She jokingly said “aww just go look at Kris Kringle, he’s in the bathroom, he’s just a little stinky.” So, we went and met Kris Kringle in the bathroom quickly. We went home and we just could not stop thinking about Kris Kringle, so we decided to take him home too. After getting a few medical things situated, we took Uma and Kris Kringle home on Super Bowl Sunday. 

We have no other pets in the home, so bringing them home together was important. We were hoping they would become inseparable best friends. The first few days, Alya would paw at Orion as he would pass by or when he tried (in his very goofy way) to play. They quickly began cuddling on the couch, calling out for each other when they leave the room, and playing a lot. Watching them warm up to our space, to us, and to each other has been so rewarding. 

Alya loves picking out specific toys out of their toy bin, finding the perfect spot on the window sill, and taking a good nap in her Amazon box (even though she has couches, chairs, cat cubbies, beds and towers to sleep on). Orion will take any opportunity to lay on the couch next to someone who has a free hand for head scratches. He has recently discovered the game of chasing his tail, loves walking around voicing his opinions, but his new favorite is watching Planet Earth before he calls it a night in Mom and Dad’s bed. Both are so loved by our friends and family who always seem to bring a little special something for them. They are so easy to love, even by the self-proclaimed dog lovers. 

They have both come such a long way since we met them back in January. Both are eating and drinking super well, their personal favorite is steamed salmon that their dad makes for them. . . . We are so so so happy we have them in our lives. They make us laugh and fill our lives with so much love. 

To everyone at The Animal Haven, thank you thank you thank you for doing all you do for these animals like Uma and Kris Kringle.