Onyx and Quartz

Onyx and Quartz seem to be adjusting just fine! There are no other animals around, so they have my whole apartment to themselves. Onyx was friendly with me right away and had been attached at my hip most days, but Quartz has started to settle in the last few weeks and has been more comfortable seeking attention from me.

Initially I had concerns that Onyx was being slightly aggressive towards Quartz regarding food (they have separate bowls, but Onyx would finish first and start pushing Quartz away so that he could eat his portions too), but that has subsided in the last two or three weeks. These two love to spend time together, and my best photos are always of them tucked up together or folded up in some funky way. They are very playful with each other and get along great almost all of the time! It has been a joy giving them their forever home.