Once You've Adopted

Allow At Least 30 Days

It takes time to make your new pet feel like part of the family. Joining a new home may be disorienting and will impact your pet's behavior. But you can help him or her overcome the shock of this change with patience and love.

Bonding With Your Dog

Allow time for your dog to grow accustomed to you and to his or her new home. Even adult dogs who know some commands will benefit from additional training; this also will further enhance the bonding process.

Getting To Know Your Cat

Cats are slow to accept change, and new environments can be confusing. Even slight changes may cause stress. It may take days or weeks, but with love and patience, your cat will soon adapt to his or her forever home.

What If My New Pet Gets Sick?

We do our best to ensure that our pets are in good health. However, a change of environment may cause stress, which can lead to sickness, particularly with cats. This is a good time to introduce your pet to your local veterinarian.