His name is Ollie (which is short for Apollo- in case he grows into his ears!).

I am attaching pictures from when he first came home with his first toy and a more recent picture on Christmas Eve posing in the top perch of his new kitty condo.

Ollie is sweet, VERY affectionate- loves snuggles and sitting on our shoulders. I’ve never known a cat who likes people as much as he does!

Ollie and Paisley (our 8 year old dog) took a few days to acclimate with Paisley being mostly confused about Ollie’s zoomies and pouncing play, but now they are fine with each other.

Ollie’s health is excellent- he’s  totally fine with his food.

We are so happy that Ollie is now part of our family and we are so grateful for all the wonderful work that Animal Haven does.