Odin is Nordic for “Lord of frenzy” – he totally lives up to the name! The first day Odin came to our home he walked around as if he already knew the place. We often joke that our late furbaby cat Oliver told him all about our home and the good sun spots! He adjusted so quickly and smoothly, it was effortless. He absolutely loves his home, pawrents and fursiblings. Odin is truly such a sweet baby that is obsessed with “hunting” (aka watching the bird feeders and squirrels from the windows). He also has learned where the treats cabinet is and likes to sing the song of his people to get some!

Our late cat’s sister, Sofie, quickly accepted Odin as her little brother (Odin pretty much forced that to happen!). They often nap and snuggle together in cat beds. Odin also lives with his brother Oslo, who we also adopted from the Animal Haven. Odin loves to wrestle and stalk his brother and is practicing being a big boy by watching what Oslo does. Having the boys in the house has brought out a really cute side of Sofie, the gang loves to hang out and play together!