We are soooo in love with Nova (no name change as she definitely knows it).  How cool it was to learn that we brought her home to her forever family on her 2nd birthday last October.  She is an absolute sweetheart, loves to give kisses, wants to be a lapdog, and quickly got very comfortable here as you can tell from the photos – including actually playing with another dog (you may remember she was kept in the AH laundry room given difficulties socializing). She has pretty much gotten over her fear of men yet does “protect” the family by barking at anyone she sees when walking, riding in the car, or just looking out the front window of the house; she quiets when directed and the kids have even taught her a few tricks including “give me your paw”. She has accumulated a lovely stick collection when not chasing squirrels or playing in the snow in the fenced in backyard. She is everything we were hoping for after having to put down our much beloved greyhound last fall.  We are so glad AH and Nova trusted us to be the family who could help her come out of her shell.  She definitely has!