We did in fact keep his name (we love it lol)! He has been adjusting very well I would say, he loves to explore and has found multiple places to sleep – usually on the window sill. He gets along with everyone whether we are playing or he just wants to be in your presence. We have no other animals so he has been loving having all the attention. . . . We have plenty of stories we would love to share – You can tell Niko is a teenager because he gets in these moods . . . he demands attention several times a day and if not given to him he gets what we like to call a cat-itude. He will tend to give a love-bite or typically knock something over to make you get up and pay attention. He is devil disguised as an angel and we find we can never be mad at him or ignore him for too long haha.  . . . The Laser is his FAVORITE toy . . . we got it as a joke not sure if he would like it and now he spazzes even if you touch it . . . he runs all around and gets the zoomies it is so fun to watch him get all excited and play.