Nigel and Winston

Nigel and Winston are adjusting really well. It’s been a slow process for Nigel, but he’s gotten to the point where he comes to me for cuddling now, and is much less skittish than he used to be. Winston settled in very quickly. 

We adopted a kitten (Alexandra) from a friend who took in a pregnant mom cat after we adopted Nigel and Winston. Alexandra is several months younger than Winston. She adores her older brothers. Nigel is the mom to both of the younger kitties–he watches out for them and cleans them.

Nigel and Winston were not in the same room at Animal Haven. When we adopted them, per Animal Haven’s recommendation, we kept them in one room and gradually let them have time in the rest of the house, in order to give them time to adjust to a new home and bigger space. They bonded within a few days, and are rarely apart now–they do everything together. Nigel is an imp–he tries to find anything paper that he can get to when we’re not looking, carries it around the house, and eventually tears it to pieces! Winston is a cuddler–he finds me to be held or to sit in my lap. Nigel watches Winston, and is learning to be more social from his brother. Thank you to Michelle for helping us to pick two kitties who would be a good pair! I’m thrilled that they’ve accepted the third kitty we adopted, Alexandra – she adores her older brothers, and gives them big hugs around their necks every day.