We are loving Muppet.  He’s a real sweetheart. I did change his name to Nick or Nicky.  I have a “Nora”, female, about 2 years old who I had adopted in September.  So the Nick and Nora are from The Thin Man book/movie of two sophisticated and sassy detectives. It’s taken some time to help Nicky feel confident and at ease.  For a few weeks he “lived” up on the top storage shelf.  He has now graduated to the family room and loves to look out the windows there.  He’s got a good appetite and loves his treats. I’m still working with getting the two felines to be more accommodating of each other.  Nora tends to be territorial and has claimed the rest of the house and chases Nick when we he gently ventures into another room.  Nicky does have his safe space area still on the top shelf with a comfy cat bed.  I’m watching some Jackson Galaxy videos to help improve this two cat territorial issue. I’ve attached some pics to give you an idea of how Nicky is doing.  He’s really a happy boy, loves to play and “talk” which we do a lot.