When I first adopted Nebula, I thought I was getting a small, chill cat who slept a lot. Nope. Leaving the shelter and having a home quickly turned her into a curious, energetic, and playful kitten. She has zoomies daily, loves meal time, and especially doing what I dub kitty parkour. Instead of going up each level of the cat tree, she climbs the front and pulls herself on to one of the higher perches. I laugh every time. And she loves her new family, especially her big sister. I have a senior cat (13) named Daenerys who is also an alum of Animal Haven. We lost her brother Stark in November to renal failure and Daenerys was developing serious separation anxiety when I was at work. She was instantly glad to have the company though there was some adjusting to her becoming dominant. Nebula LOVES Daenerys, but Daenerys isn’t always fond of this little girl showing her affection. Daenerys holds her boundaries well and Nebula is learning she has a real kitty friend and sibling.