Nala, Simba and Mufasa

We are big Disney fans in this house. In fact, my daughter works for Disney Reservations in Florida. So it made sense to pick Disney names. Nala was the last kitty to join us. She joined her litter brother Simba and big boy Mufasa.  Nala was the last one to arrive because of her test results. She and her brother reunited easily.  All three are doing well.  There are no eating or health issues at this time. The cats avoid the elderly dog for the most part. Mufasa gave the dog a pretty good beat down one day but nothing like that has happened since. I’m still pretty careful with Mufasa, and I keep all the cats with me at night on the second floor while my mother and the dog are on the first.  During the day everyone is free to roam.  Eating time is somewhat coordinated so food aggression is less likely to happen. The cats eat out of one bowl in this order: Nala then Mufasa then Simba.  I sneak extra treats to Simba because he is the ‘good one’ who lets me hold him like a baby. Simba is the easiest cat.  Mufasa sits by me on his own chair while I work, sleeps on the bed at night.  Nala is affectionate but is the biggest trouble maker. Her hobbies include knocking items off of counters and furniture. They all love their cat toys. I tried to buy things I knew they liked from the shelter. All the cats do well together but it’s usually two at a time playing together.