Mystic is amazing! She loves her brother and sister. They’re often found snuggling in at least the same area, if not all together in the cutest little cuddle puddle you’ve ever seen. Mystic and Mint often give each other baths and both yell at their dad for dinner. Murr is very protective of them whenever we have guests and makes sure the coast is safe before letting them venture out.

Mystic is a little menace at times and likes pooping in the bathtub, but her kisses and snuggles make up for it (and I’d prefer it in the tub than our bed!) She has one white whisker (the rest are gray) and one white spot on her belly. She’ll be moving to 1-6 year cat food this month because she’s getting a little chunky, but her dad is a vet tech and keeping a close eye on it.