Mosaic caught our eye at Animal Haven because she was so playful and interactive with us. However, on adoption day she became a terrified little being. As soon as we brought her home, she ran to a private, protected corner and would not come out — even when lured with food and toys. With the hope of mimicking her room at Animal Haven and to give her a greater sense of security, we put her food, water, and litter box together with her in one room and closed it off from the rest of the house. Every day we spent time lying on the floor near her hiding place, offering her words of comfort, and leaving treats. By day 3, Mosaic was confidently interacting with us in that one room and by day 7, she owned the whole house. We are delighted to say Mosaic is able to express her playfulness, intelligence, and graceful athleticism. After an energetic play session, she loves to be petted and scratched before snuggling in for a nap. Mosaic still doesn’t like to be picked up, but we’re working on it one day at a time.