Mocha and Sumu

They are pretty well settled in. Mocha is a love bug and wants to be petted all the time. Sumu (it means ‘mist’ in Finnish) is still a little twitchy. Once I start petting him he likes it, but if I approach too quickly he runs away. Definitely getting better, though!

I am getting them used to being brushed and having their nails clipped. Mocha is on board but Sumu does not like his paws touched.  They both like to dig around in dirt, and have destroyed several house plants so far. I’ve accepted that I can only have hanging plants from now on.

The cat tree in the kitchen is a prime spot for watching the neighborhood. Sumu is often there, while Mocha spends most of his time with me. When he’s not gazing out the window, Sumu likes to chase toy mice and shove them under the closet door, then stick one paw under and pull them back out. Sometimes at night I hear them playing with each other, tackling each other and romping on and over the furniture. Mocha is fascinated by any kind of string; he has a wand with a fleece string that he drags all over the house. He’s starting to learn that if he brings it to me I’ll wave it around for him.

We’re still getting to know to each other, but I adore them and am so happy I was chosen to get them.