Misty and Panther

We had recently lost our two beloved kitties so came to Animal Haven to look for a cat. They had this litter of kittens that weren’t even ready to go to a home yet. Michelle requested that we take two together, so they would each have a friend. Never having two kittens together (our cat was seven when we took in a four year old cat), we weren’t sure about two kittens. However, after visiting Animal Haven and playing with Misty and Panther over the weeks before we took them home, these two cute kitties had won our hearts.
Panther is an all black male kitten and is more cautious than his sister and enjoys watching us around the
house. Misty is the black and white female and is brave, curious, and also loves to watch everything we do. Misty is the lap cat while Panther will sit next to you or on the top of a chair, but doesn’t like to be on a lap.
Both cats love to play with each other and us, they are fun to watch as they chase each other around our
house, run with a toy in the mouth, climb on their cat post, or just sleeping together. They can both be
mischievous, with Misty leading Panther on adventures around our house. Both kittens are gentle, sweet, and love to be in the same room with us. We are so happy we opened our home to these two beautiful and fun kitties.