Mila is doing wonderfully. Despite my efforts to introduce her to my home slowly, she was snuggling in my bed on her first night. 

I liked her name, Mila, and Google said it was short for “Milagros” a Spanish name meaning miracle. She answers to it, so Mila she’ll always be.

Her home is quiet — just Mila and me, no other animals (an occasional mouse?), no children. All my friends have stopped by to pay respects, some bringing presents, and they all think she’s a darling, as do I.

One thing I should mention is she’s the ONLY cat I’ve ever had that chased her tail, like I’ve always heard cats do! It is the funniest, most delicious thing to watch her go in circles, leap up in the air to try to catch it and then sit still, looking at the tip, which doesn’t move. She’s a hoot.

I had asked Taylor if Mila had a “spark” because she’s older and she’d been very withdrawn in her little bed when I met her. Taylor said, oh yes — and she sure does, even at 10 years old — and inspiration for anyone like me, of a certain age!