Meadow & Cheetos

Meadow is now Meadow Soprano, since she is a gangster like Tony’s daughter. French Fry is now Cheetos, orange with extra toes! They were very shy at first. Some days we never saw them. The litterbox & food dishes were our only clues that we were owned by kitties. We are very patient. Today was the first time Cheetos approached Ken for scratches. Your wall mounted cats shelves sure taught Meadow to climb & jump! Meadow rules the house and will not let Cheetos get any attention if she is in the same room. She is a gangster! …. Our previous experience with Animal Haven was back in 2011 when we adopted the world’s best dog Freddy, RIP, previously known as Cosmo. We knew exactly where to go to fill our empty home with love that only a pet can provide!