Luna & Ella

Our kittens are doing very well and love to cuddle.  We kept Luna’s name, but changed Cinder to “Ella” — get it?  Lol.  My sons did that one. 

Luna and Ella love their home and have made themselves very comfortable.  My children love them and so does our cat, Rex (who we also adopted through Animal Haven).  Rex likes to show his dominance, especially if he is snuggled in my lap.  However, he also grooms, plays with, and sleeps with the kittens.  We have noticed that Rex is no longer bored and no longer uses techniques to get our attention so frequently. Before the kittens’ arrival, he would knock things off tables when he wanted to play, and pat at our legs when he wanted attention.  Now that he has the kittens to play with, he seems so much happier and definitely has distractions.

The kittens are definitely a bonded pair, though. They stay together frequently, are always playing with one another, and carefully groom each other after meals.  They have started to sleep apart and like their space.  I have also found that they are greedy of my attention.  If I am sitting, Luna is in my lap.  When Luna is there, Ella will climb onto my chest to put herself “above” her sister.  It’s pretty cute.  Ella also pushes away my computer or my phone if I am not solely focused on her.

We couldn’t be happier with our new additions and continue to love them all!