Luna and Eclipse

Eclipse is coming around slowly. He is skittish. He’ll sniff your hand but if you try to pet him he runs off.  He comes onto the foot of my bed every night for a little while and always comes to see where I am. 

Luna lets us pet her and pick her up. She loves to flop over for tummy rubs 😀.

They run through the house and play constantly. Me and my son play with them with their toys and laser light.

The eat like little pigs and love their treats.

I take care of an orange tabby that came around a few years ago and was scared of everything and everyone. I worked with him and got him to come in the house and I got him vetted, and now he loves to be loved and Luna and Eclipse love him.

I have attached some pictures. We love these little ones so much. Absolutely great cats and don’t even bother the Christmas Tree 🤣.