King Midas

The first day home, we thought King Midas (“Midey” for short) might have problems with stairs- but soon he was climbing them like an old pro, even with his little, turned-out legs. When we picked him up from AH, he had a lion cut; since then, his fur has grown back in, and together we are doing a fine job of keeping him “pretty” and mat-free, so we probably won’t shave him again until the summer if it’s another hot one. No problems finding/using the litter box (after his first night at least- he did pee on the Christmas tree LOL – oops!). Drinks plenty of water, eats normally.

He loves to cuddle, snooze in a plushy kitty bed by the window and watch birds, and when he gets hold of a mouse, ball, or other toy, he is amazing to watch- LOVES playing. His favorite person is “Dad”/ my husband, and he will often meander around the house looking for him while he’s at work and RUN to the door when he hears Dad pull into the driveway. He’s very brave–only cat who doesn’t run from the vacuum. LOVES to present his fluffy face for kisses and smooshes which is a riot. Spent a day over Christmas break with my 6 year old nephew cuddling, being lovey, and watching movies. Overall, this “little guy” is, bar none, the absolute sweetest baby we have ever known. He has my whole entire heart and we will do everything for him. We are eternally grateful to AH for rescuing him.

He is very popular with his 6 new siblings. Though not the youngest, he certainly acts just like a kitten and loves to jump on and romp with our 1 year old. Mostly he loves to cuddle with everyone (human & feline) and give lots of kisses! They all love him very much!