Katjes and Tripp

Katjes and Tripp are very happy in their new home. It’s difficult to express how much positivity and joy they’ve added to my life!

They have adapted to their new home quite well- I live alone and they are the only pets, so they have the run of the place. Tripp adjusted immediately, but Katjes needed some time, as she’s more shy- but after a week, she was already coming out of her shell, and seemed 100% comfortable after the first month. They are both very sweet, gentle, loving and curious. They both sleep with me every night, and greet me whenever I come home. They also both have a good relationship with each other- though they come from different litters, they are now like siblings; though they occasionally fight, it’s never gotten serious, and it always starts when one is grooming the other. Both seem good at drawing boundaries with the other and taking space when they need it, and they’re often hanging out.

Tripp loves the water; he sits in the sink until I turn on the faucet so he can play with the drips and watch it go down the drain. He also loves watching the toilet flush and will sit on the lip of my tub when I take a shower. 

And Katjes is a born hunter- though she never caught one, I’m happy to report that our house (2 people live upstairs) is now mouse free!