Josie and Winnie

They are so sweet and love to play and sleep in laundry bags or my kids’ beds. Josie was definitely more shy but is getting more comfortable and loves the big cat trees and tunnels we got them.  Winnie has more energy and isn’t shy with anything, not even the vacuum. They are both so loving, we’ve never seen them be aggressive towards each other or towards anyone.

They have been great with our older dog 13yr old Mocha. They are super gentle with her as her arthritis is bad, but Winnie will rub her little body against hers and she licks her head.  Josie keeps her distance but doesn’t seem afraid. Our dog is very used to cats and very submissive.

They both have very strong appetites; Winnie will try and trip your legs while getting their food ready. lol We love them so much, thank you so much for all you guys do for so many animals!