Johnny is doing great! He gets along great with his brother Andy and sister Lucy! Johnny loves being outside in his big fenced in yard. He loves to lay in the sun. He uses the doggy stairs to get up into our bed every night. He loves napping on the couches & his doggy beds. He loves to chew on the dozens of dog bones & balls that we have all over our house. He has an amazing personality. He is a funny dog, and he is very vocal! He talks to us by moaning and sighing and whining and barking! He’s an old boy, but he runs real fast when he smells our human food!! He has a great routine. We are completely in love with him. Since the moment we brought him home, he has acted like he’s always been here with us! We are forever grateful that your shelter saved him and gave him so much love. We are honored to have been chosen to give him an amazing life! Thanks again!